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Harrachov town is mainly known as a ski resort. Two chairlifts bring skiers and snowboarders to the top of Čertova hora (Devil's Mountain). Thanks to modern system of artificial snow making it is possible to ski up to 5 months in a year. If someone does not have or can not ski, the problem can be quickly solved by local ski schools or ski rentals.


Local mammoth bridge (one of five mammoth bridges on the world) is known because World Cups in ski jumping takes places in here and many spectators come to Harrachov to watch the race from all over the world. 


Harrachov is a good choice not only for downhill skiers but also for cross-country skiers. Cross-country skiers can find a large number of regularly groomed trails that are suitable for classic style and for skate as well. Jakusczyce (PL), which is literally a paradise for cross-country skiers is not a long way from Harrachov.


If you want to have a break from winter sports, you can visit local glass factory joined with brewery and museum, mining museum or ski museum. You can also go on a hike to the Mumlava falls, where nice ice scenaries are formed in winter.



During the spring, summer and autumn Harrachov is a great place for both - active or relaxing holiday. Thanks to its location on the border between the Giant and Jizera mountains is an ideal starting point for hiking and cycling tours in both of these beautiful mountains. Families with children will appreciate shorter trips. For example a fox trail especially built for children pointing to Mumlava waterfalls. Waterfalls are easily accesible along the blue-marked trail from Harrachov bus station, passing Harrachov Forestry Museum Šindelka. In the summer months path along the former ore mines(today it is a Mining Museum) is also very romantic. From Mumlava waterfalls you can continue for example for a Giant's breakfast or to Vosecká bouda. Bobsled could be interesting activity for older children.


Right in Harrachov you can visit a plethora of attractions - the glass factory joined with brewery and museumMining Museum, Forestry Museum Šindelka or Ski Muzeum. On hot summer days outdoor swimming pool is opened to all visitors. Adrenaline lovers will delight vertical climbing center and park, which includes a climbing wall, bungee trampoline and giant swing.


In summer, cyclists in Harrachov can use local free bike transportation, when your bike is taken by a cableway to the top of Čertova hora mountain and then you can continue biking along the ridges of Giant Mountains.


From the top of Čertova hora at an altitude of 1020 meters above sea level, you can see wonderful views of the countryside. On a clear day you can see for example Ještěd tower in Liberec.


Who wants go beyond the borders of Harrachov you can go to Sklarska Poreba - beautiful town on the Polish side of the Giant Mountains which is worth a visit, as well as waterfalls in its vicinity.


For several years, always at the beginning of August, famous music fest - Kelstka Noc (Celtic Night) takes place in area of Harrachov ski jumps. This fest is the highest placed and fest with the most epic view in the Czech Republic! 

From the above it is clear that in Harrachov you will not be bored at any season of the year!

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